A magical day of connections

I am writing this while sitting out under the shelter of our patio soaking up the last precious moments of our stay at la Casa Magica.  As the name suggests, it is a magical place. 

The ladies have headed off on the path for today and I am beginning to hear the soft sounds of raindrops on the plastic roof.  It is a shorter day for the women today – just under 8 miles – and I was hoping they would arrive at our albergue before the rain hits.  I laugh as I typed ‘a shorter day’, like 8 miles is nothing!  The last couple of days they’ve walked around 13 miles, so I guess it’s all relative.

Because our internet connections are not strong, I haven’t been able to post blogs regularly or attach any photos with the blog.  Please go to my facebook page www.facebook.com/debbielambturner to see pictures.  For some reason, I can post them onto Facebook, but cannot attach to the blog. 

Yesterday we spent the night at la Casa Magica, where I stayed back in 2013 on my walk with Jake.  The minute I walked through the entrance, I was filled with the familiar feelings of warmth and serenity I experienced the first time.  The first thing that hit me as I entered was the pleasant faint aroma of an incense burning.  I’m sure it’s purpose is to disguise the smell of smelly boots and sweaty pilgrims, but it is heavenly.

The welcoming hospitaleros, amazing food, and overall feel of the place are hard to explain.  Then add amenities of single beds (not bunks, which are the norm), an old stone balcony filled with six brightly colored hammocks, drinks and beverages that you can help yourself to, a patio area for journaling or resting, outdoor upstairs tables and chairs for socializing, large clean restrooms with blow dryers and two washers and a dryer and you feel like you’ve died and gone to Camino heaven.  All the ladies agreed this was the best albergue treat so far.

My time here is coming to an end, though.  I must move the backpacks forward to the next town.  It is my next favorite place because it offers a special after dinner all faiths (or no faith) prayer and meditation time.  At least it did the last time I was here and I hope it still does.  I think the ladies will really enjoy that.

Yesterday we finished the first half of this leg of the journey, and I feel a bit of a shift starting to occur.  I hope to see them moving into a more reflective introspective time.  Our word today was ‘Connection’ and I encouraged them as they walked to truly connect with themselves, and to connect with others they meet (as well as the other women in our group) on a deeper level.  This involves listening as others share their hearts and their stories and to be a support and validation for them.  I also invited them to notice their connection with nature as they walked.  But, most importantly, to be open to a more intimate connection with their Creator.  I shared that my Heavenly Father is always connected to me, but I have the choice to embrace it or to move away from it.

I send them all love and prayers that today is a special day for them, and a day where they have new insights and deeper soul connections.  I would appreciate your love, light and prayers for these women, also.  They are in various places along their unique journeys in life all needing something different.  I trust they will receive whatever it is they are looking for.