Sisters in spirit, Phoenix, AZ - 'SISTAZ'

Sisterhood is a unique phenomenon, impossible to compare other relationships to, and it has nothing to do with your bloodline.

I can’t imagine not having a sister, so in addition to the two I started with, my circle has expanded to include many more.

Now every woman can have and be a sister.

Being truly heard and validated is one of the most precious gifts you can receive, and when supportive, empowering and caring women unite, there’s no limit to what they can accomplish.  

And, besides that, it’s just plain ole’ fun!

You're invited!

Sisters on Purpose Local Phoenix, AZ Gathering

If you’re in the Phoenix area, we invite you to join our family of Sisters in Spirit.
There's no cost to join!

To receive an invitation to our next local gathering please enter your email and full name in the sidebar of this page.

We meet frequently for social outings like happy hour and a movie, to share with our community in volunteer projects, broadening our perspective by book discussions, and we’ve even got some ladies digging out their old hula hoops for hooping classes.  

My favorite times are when we simply getting together over coffee for conversation and a few laughs. 

The bonds created and the rock-solid relationships formed between authentic like-minded women who really have your back, no matter what, are priceless.

There’s an open chair waiting for you!