Meet Becky...

It was at the Amara Restaurant where I first met Becky.  Back when our Sisters on Purpose-Arizona group was still a MeetUp, this casual place was selected for its comfy leather sofas and chairs providing an intimate setting for women to get to know each other over appetizers and drinks.

I’d received RSVP’s from about twelve women, many of them being first-timers and Becky was one of those first time attendees.  As she entered the restaurant, I walked up to greet her and help her feel welcome.  I recognized her face from her profile picture but her hair was different.  I will never forget our first exchange which told me so much about her and her amazing spirit.  I introduced myself, and said, “You must be Becky.  I almost didn’t recognize you because your hair is short in your picture and now it’s long – and red.” Without skipping a beat, she casually responded, “This isn’t my real hair.  It’s a wig. I have cancer and I’m bald.”  Normally, this would have thrown me for a loop and left me speechless, but the this-is-just-how-it-is, you-don’t-have-to feel-sorry-for-me way she responded put me at ease in what could have been a very awkward interaction, and sparked a curiosity in me to find out more about this unique ‘redhead’.

            That day was one of those special times where a connection between the women was felt as they opened up about themselves and started to get to know each other.  Becky shared that  she was scheduled to begin another round of chemotherapy in a few days to fight off the cancer that had settled in her breast and she was joining our event that day looking for a reason to smile and laugh with positive people, and to feel the support of other women.  I feel humbled and blessed that we were able to be that for her on a day when she needed it.

            Becky continued being part of our group and the more I got to know her, the more impressed I was.  With everything she had gone through, and continued to go through, she remained positive and expressed gratitude for EVERYTHING. Really.  It was unbelievable.  Many times I would ask myself, ‘How can she be so grateful, when she has go many negative things going on in her life?’ And, of course, the next obvious question was, ‘How can I be more like that?’

            I continue to be moved by not only her courage and optimism, but by her deep unwavering sense of gratitude. I feel like I’m a pretty grateful person, but I’ve never had my sense of gratitude tested in the ways she has. She inspired me to start the book with Chapter 1 being, ‘The Path of Gratitude’ and I’m honored to have her share her personal story in these pages.

Becky became (and still is!) a powerful and inspirational force in our group of women, even leading three monthly conversations on, what else? Gratitude!

Sisters on Purpose-Arizona is no longer a MeetUp group, but has evolved into a heart-centered group of loving caring women, and this fun gal with the long red hair that gets taken off and placed on her bedside table at night, is a huge part of the positive energy that flows there. 

I am so proud to have met Becky, who I not only consider a close personal friend, but my sister. I love you, Becky.