Mary Ann pays tribute to her mom, Janette...

I liked Mary Ann from the moment I met her.  She’s friendly, fun and full of life!  She always either on her way to a traveling adventure with her husband or her entire family, or just returning from one.  She belongs to a travel club and her Facebook page is filled photos of fun excursions and parties.

But, there is much more to her than the fun-loving and happy demeanor you notice at first; she is also open and authentic.  Mary Ann shares that she grew up quite shy and timid, which is hard to believe because today she draws people in with an ease that she appears to have been born with.

Of all the things I like about Mary Ann, one stands out more than the rest.  It is the way she speaks about her mother.

Most women are proud of their moms and even say they are good friends, but when Mary Ann speaks of her mother, Janette, there is an admiration and pride in her voice that is both unusual and beautiful.  She is quick to share that her mom is her mentor and role model.  And even though we’ve all heard those terms many times, I sense a deep level of sincerity and truth in those familiar words when spoken by Mary Ann.

I don’t want to ruin Mary Ann’s story by telling here what she shares about her mom and some of the reasons she is so proud of her.  Let me just say that when I finished the chapter ‘The Path of Infinite Possibilities’, I knew Janette’s story was perfect.  And there was no one better to tell it than her proud daughter, Mary Ann.

This is the only chapter in “The Path That Beckons” that was written about a woman by her daughter, and it’s a very sweet tribute of love and respect to a mother by her daughter. It also provides a great example of recognizing and seizing the opportunities and possibilities in our lives – regardless of age, or any other limitations we tend to place on ourselves.

After Mary Ann agreed to share her mom’s story, I had the pleasure of meeting Miss Janette over coffee with her and her daughter.  It’s easy to see where Mary Ann gets her pleasant cheerful attitude, and sweet spirit.  I invited Janette to join us for our book launch celebration.  She thanked me, but regretfully had to decline.  She lives in Texas and will be very busy finishing up several paintings she has for a big show coming up soon. 

Oh, and did I mention she is almost 80?