Be inspired by Tricia...

The first thing you notice about Tricia is her luminescent blue eyes, but look deeper because there’s much more to the person behind those eyes.

She is a dear friend, even though we’ve known each other for only a few years.  Tricia’s one of those friends you can call anytime and she’s there to offer a listening ear or hand when you need it.

  She’s fun-loving and fun! When someone mentions an activity that’s risky or scary, she’s the first to say, “I’ll try it!”.  And, she’s quite the card player.  Tricia’s the only person I know who carries a deck of cards with her in her purse. At any given moment, she’ll whip out her cards and start up a game.

That’s Tricia today.  But it took years and hard work to get to this place.

When we first met, she was recovering from the devastating collapse of her marriage and life as she knew it for over twenty years.  This was not a situation she would have ever chosen for herself, and was still struggling to come to terms with being in the world as a single woman. She refers to that period as a ‘very dark time’ in her life.

In the past two years, she has transformed herself from being in that ‘dark’ place into a shining light of hope and encouragement for other women. She worked hard to get to this point.  Watching her move into this new positive place in her life has been inspiring.  She has now regained her joy, reclaimed her value, and encourages others to do the same.

She sits on the board of Moma’s House, a refuge for women affected by domestic abuse or escaping sex trafficking.  There she envelopes the women with her warmth and compassion.  She also teaches a Sunday School class at her church supporting and loving women who are single, widowed, or divorced.

Tricia uses the hurt and feelings of being ‘less than’ she's experienced in her life to help others recognize their worth and value, and to be a loving support and encouragement to all women.

Her story of healing, as she shares it in the book, 'The Path That Beckons' will touch and inspire you.  Thank you, my friend, for being a beautiful example of a strong and godly woman.  I love you.