Dark Hallway or Sparkling Space?


My sister, Sylvia, once said I think so far outside the box that there isn’t even a box anymore! For the most part that’s true, as I embrace my playful title of “Infinite Possibilities Sister”. I get excited exploring what could be instead of what is, and not just for myself. I love helping others, especially women, see what’s possible in their lives and to live from that place. To kick that stifling ‘box’ aside, to see with new eyes, and to live with an open heart.

We all get stuck from time to time, wandering aimlessly in our own limiting box of what we believe is possible and what we’re used to. I, myself, am certainly no different. I love my life and how I spend my days, but recently found myself settling into a comfortable routine because it’s easy. So, at the beginning of 2019 I decided to shake it up a bit!

Instead of planning and leading four women’s retreats again this year (which I love) I decided to take my own advice and open my eyes to ways of providing meaningful experiences and seeing what else is possible.

I have a slight obsession lately (saying ‘slight’ makes it sound a little less crazy, right?) with Marie Kondo and her method of simplifying and organizing by consciously choosing what sparks joy. And it got me thinking. If this can work for our material possessions, why can’t we apply it to our lives? I decided to test this concept out by exploring what in my life not only sparks joy in me, but truly fills my soul and has me living the best version of myself.

Sounds enlightened and inspirational, doesn’t it? Yes, in theory. In reality, I am now sitting in a place feeling unsure, unsteady, and even a bit anxious.

I am reminded of how desperately I need to know what’s next. I like having a plan and following said plan. I like feeling like I’m in control, even though I never truly am. I still like the illusion of control.

Instead, I sit. I sit in the unknown, secretly wishing I hadn’t opened this can of worms and would rather go back to my safe comfortable routine. But, I started this and will ride it out.

I’ve been in a similar place other times in my life. Haven’t we all? Transition and change are inevitable, and we navigate them the best way we know how. I used to refer to this season as ‘the dark hallway’ – that place where doors have closed, but no new ones have opened yet.

Today I choose to call it the ‘Sunshine Space’. The doors are closed, but the area is sparkling with potential. I don’t know what those new possibilities are yet, but I’m willing to set my fear aside to notice the slivers of light peeking through the cracks in the doors offering a glimpse of something more beautiful than I’d imagined.

I don’t know what’s next. I have no idea where 2019 will lead me or what the journey through this year will entail, but I’m open. I trust my Source, the One who DOES know all and will reveal it as I’m ready to hear it and move forward.

How about you? Have you ever felt, or are you feeling it now, the wind of change blowing in? Is it time for something new, but you don’t know what?

I’d love to hear about it so we can navigate this path together, moving forward, ever on the magical journey in this life we love.